day#3 Cannes

Well, that was a complete fun day here,because I didn't plan to take pictures at all.I was just going out to do some  shopping actually in the afternoon.In Cannes there are many street photographers
in front of Carlton hotel and elsewhere so i bumped into Ali who took a picture of me and I thought why not... he tried one ...and I liked it so he agreed to take some quick other shoots
as well so here is it now the result.
Back to shopping talk but... for my taste all shops in Cannes have the best choices.
I allways find more things to buy here than somewhere else.
High-end brands on rue de la Croisette and on parallel road behind
rue d'Antibe more for medium and low-end brands.
Plenty of choice for all budgets!:)

                                                               I was wearing:

                      Lanvin gilet for H&M,Storets faux leather jacket,Pinko jeans,Fendi bag,
                                              Malene Birger boots,Celine sunnies,Zara t-shirt

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  1. Love that outfit! Every piece of it!:-)


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