December 20, 2014

A Grey Hat

I've never been more crazy about any hat that much as  this gray one in particular ! 
Wearing it all the time recently. The shape,form and color is just awesome.
A must have trendy peace in this season.
Images shooted in Milan while ago in a small shopping tour.

                                                                              H&M hat
                                                                               Zara shirt
                                                                       7 of Mankind jeans


November 13, 2014

Street Gambler

I think it's more than evident that I have a weakness towards t-shirts with ironic 
and funny stamps.I end up buying them often as soon as I see something inspiring.
So I have them on quite often.
Here are some shopping tour pictures taken while ago in Verona,
on the streets just near Arena area, always full of inspiration.Besides a great
choice of shops and sightseeing,there is
always something magical about Verona.

                                                            T-shirt Sonja Vuksanovic
                                                                 Pants Neil Barret
                                                                  Sneakers Geox
                                                                       Bag Dior


November 6, 2014

Keep Calm And Party On

Hey lovelies!Another one of these shoots I didn't plan,but it happened.
I do carry my reflex very often with me,so sometimes I may get into the mood
all of the sudden and if the light is ok I just tempt.
So basically half of my post's are pure inspiration of the moment.
The t-shirt is pure fun I couldn't help buying it.With my impulsivity I do 
need to calm down sometimes :)..and some party won't harm either.
Till next !

                                                                   (ph) Milli

                                                                    H&M t-shirt 
                                                                     Gap jeans
                                                             Isabel Marant  boots   
                                                                Maki sunglasses

October 23, 2014

When In Paris...

I was browsing through my photos and found these images that I never published
from my last year trip to Paris.Somehow or probably I didn't like them,but now I do.
For sure because I'm nostalgic.
Hopefully will visit again soon.For sure one of my favorite
cities ever.So chic and classy.
See you soon <3
Bisous !

                                                       Mango suede leather jacket
                                                                 Pinko jeans
                                                       Aldo high-top sneakers
                                                                 Balenciaga bag


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