August 17, 2014

Pin -Up Stars Beach Couture 1

Big thanks to  "Pin-Up Stars"  for these amazing piece-of- art luxury swimwear.
(more to come up on blog)
I had  an honour to see the catwalk last september in Milan.
More than swimsuits they are like perfect creations to walk around in summer time.
precious decorations, details,original prints and embellishments
are made for those who want more from a swimwear.
Perfect beach-couture pieces for rising and shining in summer locations.

Here are the products I use during the summer :

For my hair :

Alterna :"Ocean waves" hair spray,that I use to protect my hair.I love  the texture
which is very light and doesn't weigh the hair down ,plus leaves a perfect wave
and voluminous  hair with an amazing perfume.It can be used also all year round
if you just want to have a casual messy hair .
The same range also offers a dry shampoo with mango and coco perfume which 
leaves hair perfectly clean if you wish to refresh them during a day!

For my face :

I've been told many years ago by my facialist Dr.Johanna Hakimova 
to use a full protection on my face.From last year I'm using 50 SPF " 
Fotoprotector Isdin Ultra " all the time on my face.
It's very ok also under the make-up.

For my body :

I'm using a classic of Australian Gold sun protection creme SPF 30

                                                         (ph) by Lucy and me

                                                           Pin-Up Stars bikini
                                                              Zero Uv shades

August 8, 2014

Dubai Day 4

Last post about my visit in Dubai. I'm posting some Instagram pictures mixed
with some I made with my reflex.
As I mentioned in my previous posts it was a business trip so I didn't have
much time to see many things and pics are randomly shot in
Fairmont Hotel, Dubai Mall and in some restaurants.

On last day we visited another one of the best restaurants
in Dubai and  also one of the best in the world  -"La Petite Maison".
Truly amazing spot, I really recommend to visit it and book
in advance.It's really worth it!

Living in Italy for many years has made me very critical about the food
and I'm used to eat extremely well.
This place was such a surprise for me, not to mention
the exceptional service. And I had the "best cheesecake in the world "!

At Dubai mall I bought an amazing perfume from Ajmal "Eternal Musk" just a couple
of drops and the seductive scent,pure perfume oil that lasts.
It's a great place to buy some particular perfumes if you have a delicate nose.
Some more souvenirs and that was basically it.
Finally before  the airport we had  a really quick dinner in  Libanese restaurant and then off to Italy.

Wish you a nice weekend !

The best  cheesecake in the world @ "La Petite Maison "

@Cavalli Club

Cute small bracelets from Dubai Mall

World biggest Aquarium 

                                     I wear Versace for H&M pink dress for an evening 
                                                   and   Lipsy dress for a day look
                                                        PinUpStars bikini


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