Day#2 White sweater in rainy Cannes

White is the leading color in this season.
Pure, fresh and innocent ....always reminds me a lot some kind of a new fresh start 
when back in time at school in special occasions  when we were supposed to wear a white blouse.
But this time in a chiffon bow knit sweater.

I was very lucky to be a guest in this beautiful villa near Cannes at my friends house.
And of course I couldn't resist to snap couple of  quick pictures :) just before going out to an event that was in Cannes in those days!

Sorry about "again " leather pants but I just like them :D
Soon is summer and then it's out of question ........of course.....
for a long time :D....well.... maybe in some short leather pants version especially
in crocodile print kinda that I have already in my mind to buy...very trendy:-O!
Will see that ...stay tuned;)

                                                       Photos by Francy

                                               Storets white knit bow sweater


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