Violet Cashmere

When I first started to take photographs with my reflex camera, I wanted to shoot only
when there was a sunny weather,but as the most of the time the weather is variable
I noticed that it's not that bad at all,
not to say I even enjoy how the colors can pop up and the
variations of the light  and can actually perform in many artistic ways.

Now I even enjoy bad weather conditions for shooting :)
One thing for sure I love is to be near the water as you can notice
in most of my pictures.

I always guide and direct all my fotoshoots,as I don't use professional photographers
so that's how my vision is expressed through the lens and the person who shoots!
In those images the location was a random find in the Pärnu beach area,and this little
surf club house became a colorful playground in this gray day :)

Wearing my violet cashmere hat and sweater classic combined with a gray coat that
perfectly matches with this colorful wall. I always smile when I randomly fit in
surroundings without programing it!

What do you think of  this color splash and comfy look ??

Feel free to leave your comment below!

                                                             (ph) by Kristiina

                                                         Geox coat and boots
                                                               Gap jeans
                                                             H&M shades
                                             Gemelli Cashmere sweater and hat Follow on Bloglovin


  1. Supercool outfit, colours, location + cute dogs in cool outfits!

  2. Love, love your coat, you look gorgeous :)

  3. Such a colorful post honey! Love it!
    That sweater is wonderful!

  4. I ove your coat


  5. great outfit with the coat and the beanie :) and your puppy's look is lovely :)

  6. Beautiful outfit, love your coat!!!


  7. Fantastic in violet honey! I so like the colors and the way you matched them <3
    P.S: The two cuties are sooo adorable and comfy with the shooting ;)
    Kisses and hugs

    1. hahaha thnx Siku is very funny :D


Thanks for your comments !

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