January 27, 2014

Retrouvè Luxury Vintage Shop

I'm glad to share the photos of an extremely special,and for my opinion
the most fascinating vintage boutique around!
Retrouvè Luxury Vintage Shop just in the  center of Brescia!
The new shop opening took place just before Christmas
and  I was lucky to  be able to participate!

Despite the fun I had with my friends,the choice of the boutique actually could conquer
without any problem with one of those of Chanel or Hermes! The choice was overwhelming!

The owner of Retrouvè  boutique Mihaela Mladenovska has an amazing refined
and classy taste in her choices.
She has so many exclusive items of clothing,bags and accessories.
Check out the site www.retrouve.it
and the  Facebook page  below, if you want to have a closer look whats in ;)

>>Retrouve Luxury Vintage Shop ;)

I was glad also to meet and shoot some pics with Mariano di Vaio,
especial guest of the evening! Besides his success
as a model he's blog >>www.mdvstyle.com has also  become very successful!

Hope you like it !

Thanks for your comments below!

Have a wonderful day ! Till next !

with Mihaela Mladenovska ( the owner )

                                                         (ph) by me and Polly

                                                    Lanvin tshirt  for H&M
                                                              Jacket (old)
                                                           Miu Miu boots
                                                            Chanel bag

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  1. Very lovely shots! The items look so glamorous but not as glamorous as you! You look fabulous and your makeup is just perfect darling :***

    1. Aww my dear always so generous <3

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!!


  3. Lovely post!!! :)


  4. I like your blog!!!
    follow each otheR?


  5. Replies
    1. Thank you ! I checked your site ! Very nice !


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