Green Pin-Up Stars Dress

Hello dear friends !

Here is a quick post about the dress serie" Gufo di Pin-Up Stars"
I just bought on sale in my favorite
lingerie and beachwear shop in Desenzano, Piazza Garibaldi 110
@ "Donatella" boutique!

I got this gorgeous green dress on sale yesterday ;)Fancied it so much that
I had to wear it immediately!
Have that ever happened to you that you go to the shop,
buy something and wear  it right away ?
So yes, that had just happened to me yesterday:) The dress is light
ands sretchy and doesn't wrinkle.
just ideal for those 37' degrees we have here down the lake!

Wish you a lovely summer vacation whenever you are!Where did you go
for a holidays?

                    I wear :Pin Up Stars dress, Fendi peek-a -boo purse, Guccy clogs,
                                GreenVintage Sunnies

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  1. Awesome colour combination of the dress! Lovely midsummer vibe and street scenery ;)


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