Pärnu Beach

Here I'm reunited with my sweetheart Siku wandering around at lovely
Pärnu beach in my hometown.
She is so cute,sweet and funny.
And she understands both Estonian and Italian :D
But she doesn't like to pose and is almost never still.

Pictures were taken during my stay in Estonia.
Lace top, holographic pink shades and studded sneakers, on my wrist lots
of tourquise bracelets... my recent obsession...
The light just after the sunset is stunning, can't get enough of capturing pics
one after another...

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                                                                            I wear:

                                                          Mango jacket and jeans short
                                                             H&M t-shirt and sunnies
                                          Geox sneakers on sale herewww.geox.com
                                                                Fendi peekaboo bag
                                          Jcrew frog bracelet here at www.jcrew.com
                                            Bi Bling turquoise bracelets here www.bibling.it

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  1. Anonymous5:03 AM

    The lace top with the red jacket looks amazing!



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