April 1, 2013

Easy-chic mood outfit

Yesterday afternoon after a lovely Easter lunch with my family,I went out for a drink here in Pärnu to a local Spa hotel bar.Little bit of sun was already warming up the air.
I decided to wear my new Zara boots I bought in Italy just before coming home.I must say they are extremely comfy.
Small is the new big as the  Louis Vuitton slogan says,so is my pochette :)

photos by :Kristiina

                                                                     I was wearing:

                                                                    Tod's sunglasses
                                                            Storets Jacket and bracelet
                                                              T-shirt(my brothers gift)
                                                                H&M faux leather pants
                                                              Louis Vouitton pochette
                                                              Juicy Couture earrings
                                                                       Zara booties


  1. Love the jacket, you look beautiful! Amazing pictures as well x
    Fashion Landscape

  2. Love the leather pants!


  3. What a gorgeous look! I love everything about it!

    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! What a beautiful name you have! ;)

    Of course I would love to follow each other! I followed you on Bloglovin so we can keep in touch! Kisses from NYC! <3

    New Blog Post: Tips To Find Inspiration When Picking an Outfit


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