Black and White in Paris # Palais-Royal

Here I'm in Paris in the most amazing city in the world at the Cour d'Honneur du Palais-Royal,inside the complex is also situated le Théâtre de la Comédie Francaise.
Couldn't find a better place for my black and white 
outfit expressing my own "comic" side with a twist of "harlequin-inspired"look:D
But also in the nicest city of the planet can start raining all of the sudden.
Quick escape to Colette boutique for a lunch to fully enjoy the Parisian
fashionistas atmosphere followed by some shopping at the Rue Saint-Honoré afterwards.
Some good finds I will share with you on my upcoming posts!
Hope you like my new Zara jacket with a touch of vintage Dior shades I got as a present from a good friend time ago matched with a brand new Balenciaga bag I got from Paris the day before ...

J'adore ma belle vie!
A bientôt;) 

rainy moment ..
#instashoots #nice lunch at Colette with elephant Babar :)behind me,love that kindergarden- style inspired place :D

#instashoots my vintage #Dior shades

                                                                     Photos by Alina

                                                                     I was wearing:

                                           Zara coat and boots,Strenesse cashmere sweater,
                                                        Balenciaga bag (limited edition),
                                                                         Gap jeans
                                                         Christian Dior vintage shades


  1. Always elegant, and smart creative choices for your photoshoots ;)

  2. Awesome coat! A cool black and white combination with sunny yellow glasses. Needless to say, a perfect location for a photoshoot.

  3. I usually don't like black and white but you changed my mind!:-)


Thanks for your comments !

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